Usually, when talking about funerals, the typical attire that comes into mind are black dresses and veils. Though there is nothing terrible in coming to a funeral in black attire, it is not a strict law to only wear dark clothes to funerals. Black clothes have always been used for funerals to show their mourning. However, in many instances, you can wear any dress, as long as it is decent and fit for the occasion.

For women, you can choose a wide variety of dresses to wear for the service. Unless the members of the family of the deceased specifically requested particular dress codes. However, if no such thing is asked for, then you can practically wear anything, provided that it’s decent and fits the occasion. Here are some ideas on what to wear for a funeral service.

Wear neutral colors

Wear simple neutral colors is enough. You may want to avoid wearing bright colors, especially neon colors, as you may stand out from the crowd and be seen as insensitive. Wear plain neutral colors, and you’ll be okay.

Refrain for clothes with too much design/pattern

Remember that you don’t want to stand out from the crowd in a funeral service. The service is solemn and not a gala to showcase your fashion taste. Choose clothes with simple patterns or designs and is enough.

Refrain from being too flashy

Wearing miniskirts, and dresses that reveal too much is not advisable when attending a funeral. Wear simple clothes so that people won’t get distracted by the ruckus an overly flashy and daring dress can do in a funeral wake.

Flashy Lights

Lean towards formal attire if you can’t decide

If you have a hard time choosing, then opt for formal black dress attire. There is no wrong in wearing formal attire; don’t make it too formal as you will also stand out.

Refrain from too much adornment

Jewelry must be used in the minimum during funerals. You don’t want to be seen as vain in a funeral by wearing the most luxurious jewelry. Remain simple and be the person ready to help the bereaved in their moment of extreme loss.