Perfect phrases of condolences and sympathy are vital when visiting the wake of a dearly departed. A small show of empathy will ease the bereaved, even for just a moment in this time of intense loss. Here are some tips on how to offer condolences to people who have experienced the death of a loved one.

Immediately offer condolences upon learning what happened

On the first onset of you knowing the passing of a friend, directly contact the family members of the deceased to offer condolences. You can do this through phone, messaging on social media, or much better in person. After the initial condolences, offer them help in any means possible. People suffering the death of a loved one tend to be in shock and needs all the support they can have.

Share memories with those who were left behind

You can also spend some time with the bereaved and share stories on how the departed impacted their lives. Share photos, videos, or mementos and let the memories of the life and love of the deceased fill the emotional void in the hearts of you and the bereaved. It can be a life-changing move to be there with those who are mourning at the right moment to comfort them.

If the deceased was a colleague

Death in a workplace can also affect the productivity of a company. It is essential to address the situation with genuine care for everyone in this time of loss. Notes of condolences can be shared with all employees through various company correspondence even through email. Losing someone at work is like losing someone from the family as well.