Clergy & Spiritual

Clergy & Spiritual

Clergy & Spiritual Help after the Funeral

Death for many is a spiritual event. In most religions, death is the moment of transition from mortality to immortality. Death is a religious context is something should not be feared, but accepted as part of reality.

The Clergy and any Spiritual leader are sought for answers by people who can’t accept the death of a loved one. The clergy, depending on the religion, will soothe the burdened mind of the bereaved by preaching doctrine and that death will indeed arrive. However, according to most religion, death is just a phase and that the destiny of people and their souls is immortality and eternal bliss.

Religion is one of the major authorities in the subject of death as it provides an explanation for it and what people should expect after death. The clergy can help mourners get out of grief faster compared to those who are struggling on their own.

A spiritual minister is trained by a particular sect or religion on its tenets. Training may last from a few weeks to decades of contemplation and penitence. Religious people seek the guidance of these spiritual leaders and follow their advice. Though there are many today dismissive of religion, it is one of the major factors that provide morality and ethics to society.