Real Estate Appraisers

Real Estate Appraisers

How to Become Real Estate Appraiser

Real estate appraisers are increasing by 14% in the United States, It is because of the lucrative market for appraisers as real estate assessment is on the rise as many are selling their homes.

Real estate appraisers serve a vital role in the real estate market as they provide these services to homeowners and buyers.

  • They determine the actual condition of a property.
  • Evaluate how additions and renovations add or decrease the value of the property
  • They also provide an assessment of the state of a property’s interior.
  • Find any violations that may affect the value of the property
    Determine other factors such as the economic status of an area that may affect the value of a property.
    • How can one become a real estate appraiser?

      • Fulfill the requirements imposed by the Appraisals Qualifications Board. The requirements are normally posted on their site or provided when you visit your local AQB office.
      • Undergo an Appraisal apprenticeship course. It consists of various appraisal courses with a set amount of units/class hours to complete.
      • After completing the necessary courses, one must undergo licensure.

      What are the responsibilities of a real estate appraiser?

      • Maintain a working relationship between buyer and seller
        Analyze the details of any property to determine property.
      • Provide a fair assessment of a property that will benefit both the buyer and seller.
      • Provide valuable information that may affect the insurance coverage of a property.