Speakers & Eulogists

Speakers & Eulogists

Speakers & Eulogists  

The eulogy is a short speech prepared by a guest speaker in honour of a deceased loved one. It usually is said during the funeral wake or in a celebration of life occasion.

Most eulogists write their speech to commemorate the life of a deceased loved one. However, there are small firms that provide eulogy writing services.

However, if you want to write your eulogy speech for a celebration of life event, here are some handy tips to put in mind.

Get the necessary information first

If you are to compose a speech in honor of the deceased, you need to have all the vital information about the person.

  • Important dates for the family
  • Highlights in the life of the deceased (i.e. achievements and significant events)
  • Knowledge of the personality of the deceased and how family and friends viewed him or her.

To get this information is by interviewing people who are especially close to the departed.

Set the theme of the speech

After you have gathered all the necessary information, you need to decide the theme of the speech. Typically, the theme is set by an anecdote or a striking opening statement.

Create an outline and cues

After deciding the theme, you can now draft an outline. Wordsmiths are best to write this part as they can craft sentences fit for the theme.