Restaurants & Venues

Restaurants & Venues

Restaurants & Venues for the Celebration of Life

Selecting a suitable venue is essential for hosting a celebration of life occasion. Unlike funerals, the celebration of life is a joyful event. Thus, it needs a pleasant place.

Here are some of the venues that are perfect for celebrating the life of a loved one that has passed away.


A restaurant with a spacious reception area is one of the best venues for this kind of event. Celebrations made in restaurants tend to have a light atmosphere and with a wholesome ambience.

Local Park / Outdoor location

An outdoor location is one of the favorite places chosen by many families to commemorate the life of a deceased loved one. A local park or reserve is both a relaxing and therapeutic for the bereaved soul.

A seaside venue

A beach-side celebration is a soothing to the mind. The sound of the crashing waves is a subtle yet effective way to relax. Guests may deliver speeches in honor of the deceased and how their lives changed.

Yacht or boat celebration

Another popular venue for hosting this event is renting a yatch or vessel and celebrate the life of the departed on the seas. It is mostly done by family who are to spread the ashes of the deceased over the ocean as a last rite and farewell.