Musical selection for the celebration of life

Music is a powerful thing as it moves emotions and soothes the soul of ache and misery. For a good celebration of life ceremony to happen, it means including music in the entire event.

Music has an integral part on any event. As the bereaved celebrate the memory of their deceased loved one, the soothing effect of music can add joy to such an occasion.

Planners of these kinds of events may opt to use music that have messages that appeal to the longing for someone or for the lovely experience of being together with someone you deeply care about.

How to plan the music for the event

The easy way is to hire an audio technician to help set up the sound system in an event. Simple audio set up is enough to provide the guest with a selection of music to listen to while they enjoy the event.

However, it can be more memorable if the event hired a live band or a group of musicians to provide the music. The interaction between the guests and the music is more organic and way better than just listening to a recording.

What music to listen to?

Typically, the music playlist hosts play in a celebration of life are music that have a connection with the departed. Maybe a list of favorite music or songs that have an emotional meaning for the bereaved.