Florists for the celebration of life

Unlike funerals, the celebration of life is a moment of joyful remembrance for the bereaved and so floral decorations are essential.

Celebrations of life are events held to commemorate the memory of a deceased loved one. It is different from funerals, which is focused on providing a moment for the bereaved to grieve for the loss of a loved one.

The floral etiquette in the celebration of life

Unknown to many, there is a floral etiquette attached to the celebration of life. The basic principle is that flowers are not automatically included in the celebration. Flowers are delivered for this kind of event exclusively by consent of the bereaved family.

Here are some of the floral bouquets for the event:

  • A combination of greens and white. White flowers combined with greens gives an ambiance of a classic, yet modern feel.
  • A floral bouquet centered on a middle rose brooch.
  • The traditional sympathy bouquet you send as condolences during the funeral.

Why is there a need for flowers?

Floral decorations often set the tone for the event. A good floral bouquet is a great way to make the event have a joyful feel. An event full of life and vibrancy as the bereaved remembers the happy memories they have with the dearly departed.