Etiquette-How to Act

Etiquette-How to Act

Funeral Etiquette: Sending Condolences

When someone you know passes away, it can be hard to put your feelings into words. Even still, sharing your condolences with the family of the deceased is a thoughtful gesture during a difficult time.

How to show your condolences

There are many ways to show your condolences, and the first thing is by telling the bereaved personally. You spend time with them, share stories, and sympathize with their loss and be there during their mourning.

Next is you can send flowers as a show of condolence to the survivors. Finally, you can send a message through various means like actual letters, emails, social media posts offering condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

You can send the flowers directly to the funeral service or personally to the family of the deceased. Attach to the flowers a condolence card to show your sympathy.

If you choose to write a note without sending flowers, there are several ways you can do it. A handwritten card is always a nice touch, but a well thought out email or post on an online memorial can be just as lovely.

If you are near to the house of the family members of the deceased, then it is best to visit them and offer your condolences in person. You can spend your lunch and dinners with them, have a chat about how you came to know the dead relative. Through this, you can empathize with the bereaved and help them recover and move on with life.

When is the appropriate moment to send condolences?

Usually, you send your condolences like flowers and sympathy cards during the funeral service. However, messages and empathic word can be given to the bereaved as soon as you learned about the death of the person.

How do you write a condolence message?

In your condolence message always start with sincere regret and condolences for what had happened. Next is a short narration of how got to know the deceased. Lastly, end the note your readiness to support the family of the bereaved. You can gently remind the family members to always keep in touch during these hard times. You can also tell them that you are ready to ease their pain and help them cope and move forward with life.

Aside from this, the family members are religious then you can attach Bible verses about how the dead are resting from their works, and someday, you and the departed will meet again.

Always empathize with the mourners and don’t force them to stop grieving for a dead loved one. Then in the message, also tell how the soul is in a better place where there is no longer in pain. These simple phrases will uplift a person who is mourning for the massive loss.

In the end, at this challenging moment of life, you must show your strength and help the bereaved to stand up, regain their productivity, and let go of the past.