Headstones & Monuments

Headstones & Monuments

Headstones & Monuments 

Headstones and monuments are markers placed on the grave as a remembrance of the departed. It is commonly made out of stone or concrete, and etched are the name of the deceased, birth and death and an epitaph.

Types of headstones 

Headstones are the most common type of marker used in cemeteries. It is typically a slab of stone placed on the head of the grave where the dead are buried.

Upright headstone – the traditional tombstone seen in cemeteries. It is a slab of stone placed standing or upright in a grave.

  • Flat headstone – it is a slab of stone, marble or concrete laid flat over the grave.
  • Kerbed headstone – it is a combination of an upright headstone and a slab of concrete the length of the entire grave plot.

What is a monument? 

A monument is a type of marker which is more ornate compared to headstones. The monuments vary in design ranging from simple headstone markers to ornate sculptures of saints, a likeness of the deceased person or in some cases towering obelisks. Materials used may vary from cement, marble, limestone, bronze or stone. This type of markers are often used by people of high-status or families in the more affluent echelons of society.