Funeral Homes

Funeral Homes

Different Types of Funeral Homes 

Funeral homes are establishments that provide different kinds of funeral services for the deceased. These homes operate under the regulations of the state and help the bereaved with the necessities in arranging the burial of their loved ones.

What are the types of funeral services?

Funeral service

The funeral service is a ceremony intended to practice the religious and cultural traditions regarding the death of a loved one. It is typically done 2 to 3 days after death. A funeral service includes a wake, delivery of eulogies, a mass or similar service for different religions and the burial.

Memorial service 

A memorial service is a ceremony done after the burial. It is intended to remember the life of a loved one and to give the bereaved family a moment of remembrance and closure. Funeral homes also provide these kinds of services, which usually happens a month after the burial or during anniversaries.

Committal service 

A committal is a type of funeral ceremony done at the graveside. It is usually a small ritual made before lowering the body for internment. The service depends entirely on the cultural and religious traditions of the family.

Visitation and viewings

A visitation and viewings are part of the funeral service where the body of the deceased is on display for mourners to visit. It is usually done for people of high stature and for people who have large families that want to see the departed one last time before burial or cremation.

Funeral Homes
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