Burials & Cremations

Burials & Cremations

Burials & Cremations 

Burials and cremations are the most common methods of rites given to the deceased. Burial is the internment of the dead under the ground, while cremation is the process of reducing the body to ashes.

Benefits of Burials and Cremations 


Burials have long been associated with religious beliefs and traditions. In many cultures, the burying of the dead is the only respectful manner to deal with the body of the deceased. The benefits of having a burial are the following:

  • Burials are communal events, and it provides a moment where family and friends can be together for an extended time.
  • Burials allow family members time to gather for the wake to see for the last time the body of their loved one.
  • Burials are part of a sincere religious observance about death.
  • Some families see burials as a real sense of closure.


Cremation is the act of reducing the body of the deceased to ashes by subjecting it to heat. After death, the body usually isn’t embalmed and is taken to the crematorium. Here are the benefits of cremations.

  • It doesn’t need a plot of land for internment
  • It costs less than an actual burial
  • The ashes of the deceased can be taken home.

It takes less time for preparation compared to burials